ODM Process


ODM/JDM Process


Picture below is a typical ODM/JDM process. There are two stages and six phases :

  • Planning stage
  • Development stage
    • EVT Phase : build a full functional sample for further validation
      • ME/ID design starts with CNC/3D printer sample
      • SRD (Software Requirements Document) starts
      • Functional test starts
      • Certification pretest starts
    • DVT Phase : validate design by comprehensive testing of the DVT samples
      • ME housing must be a hard tooling samples
      • Certification test starts
      • Reliability test starts
      • Package and transportation test starts
    • PVT Phase : prepare for mass production capability
      • Basically, no design change is allowed between DVT and PVT
      • Develop test fixture/test program in production line
    • MP Phase

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Phase Gated ODM Process