iOS APP for IoT Application

Support basic IoT functions

Wifi connection setup

Step 1 : Device itself is an Wifi AP with a preset SSID "AMZ_06c436". Connect to this AP such that APP can transfer setup information to the device. Picture right shows that the phone has connected to the device


Device connected


Step 2 : Once you have done step 1 correctly, APP can detect device automatically and show in the add device menu. Picture right show the device SSID for you to confirm.


Menu of add device


Step 3 : Once you choose the device to be added, APP will show a list of AP by scanning available AP around. You could the AP your device to connect.


Select AP to connect


Step 4 : Enter the password you choose in step 3.


Enter AP password


Step 5 : You can find your device in APP's added device list. Picture left show a completed 5 devices that have been added.


Wifi connection setup success !