IoT Controller

Control your devices via cloud


      Most IoT controller is customized for a specific application such as elevator monitoring, door control/monitoring and others. Following is some examples of feature definition :


High power controller with meter

Specification example of high power IoT controller :

 Items  Specification
 Wifi  E803 Wi-Fi Module
 Power Meter  Power 2KW max., Voltage and Current
 DI  2 set with optical isolation. Sink, common ground, active low
 DO  2 set, Relay out 250V/30A x1, 250V/5A x1
 LED  Power LED x 1 , SW Reset LED x 1, Alarm in LED x1
 AO  1 set, 0 ~ 10V, PWM output
 Button  Top case Power on Button x 1, HW Reset Button x1, SW Reset Button x 1
 Power  100~265Vac AC to DC Converter

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